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We offer a large selection of tasty and easy to use cookbooks. Cookbook titles include Cooking Basics, The Big Book of Easy Suppers, Baking Bread, The Complete Book of Pasta and Noodles, Cook's Book of Sauces, The Dutch Oven Cookbook, The Complete Baking Cookbook, and The Big Book Of Cookies. Plus a selection of German cookbooks.
These books were chosen to give the reader a good solid background of knowledge on each topic. The books present this information in a clearly written manner usually accompanied with excellent photographic work.

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Our research staff at Lübeck Haus Bookstore have selected several essential cookbooks for you. Besides having great easy-to-follow recipes, some of these books are great how to cookbooks. With clearly written text and ample photographs, detailed illustrations, and professional tips, these cookbooks explain each step so that you can quickly prepare hearty, flavorful, and heathful meals. These bookbook recipes include vegetarian meals, cooking pasta and noodles, main dishes, meat dishes, side dishes, breads, soups, hearty chowders, and desserts.
Several bread machine cookbooks have excellent bread recipes and explain techniques for making great tasting bread easily and quickly.
And for todays busy cooks, several good cookbooks are included for using tooster ovens and crock pots.
In addition several cookbooks include some really good garlic recipes and garlic lore.
We have tried to give you a variety of useful cookbooks, but everyone has their own needs. Take a look, perhaps something will be of interest.

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Essential CookBooks

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German Cookbooks

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This catalog page has a selection of German cookbooks with authentic recipes.

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