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These books were selected by our research staff to provide you with some good working and reference books. Building and maintaining a strong healthy body, as well as a strong healthy mind is very important for all of us. But this takes knowledge, proper guidance and the will to succeed.
A healthy diet is one the basic foundations for good health and a strong body and is based upon the premise that a good diet promotes good health. The basics of a good diet are to consume fresh vegatables and fruits, grains, and lean meats and to avoid foods that are highly processed or are high in saturated fat. Use only glass, stainless steel, or iron vessels for cooking, and ever use aluminum. And drink pure water or filtered water.
Another basic foundation for good health is plenty of proper exersize. Included are several good instruction books for weight trainning and body building.
With his unique perspective as the five-time winner of the Mr. Universe and seven-time winner of the Mr. Olympia title, Arnold Schwarzenegger shares his vast bodybuilding knowledge in his book, which is included.
These books will help you get started, but you must follow through.

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Nutrition, Wellness and Weight Training Books

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