Books on Building, Maintaining and Using Blogs

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As the latest phenomenon to grow out of the Web, the blog (or Web log) is gaining popularity rapidly. A blog is a diary or journal, with a difference. Rather than speaking to yourself, you're speaking to the world. And, best of all, the world can talk back! A blog is a frequently updated online personal journal. More and more people are turning to the web for specialized information and comunicating with friends and for business purposes, and to learn more about what interests them. Whether their interest is a collection of essays, how-to-do something, stories and experiences, reviews, jokes, or even shopping lists, they want to share it with everyone, from family and friends to strangers across the globe.
How can one do this? By starting right here, and getting the right information about blogs. Learn by reading and doing, and before long you will be able to use your own creative ideas to produce an important dimension to your work experience, company sales, daily life, or perhaps create a worldwide following with your blog. It is your choice.
These books cover building maintaining and using blogs and most are tutorial in design and usage.

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Building and Using Blogs

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Books on Building, Maintaining, and Using Blogs