Selecting and Growing Ferns, Lichens, Liverworts and Mosses

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These books cover selecting and growing ferns, lichens, liverworts and mosses.
Gardening in shady areas sometimes requires special attention as to what plants are grown there, how to select shade loving plants, identifing liverworts, cultivating and caring for ferns, and naturalistic landscaping with plants. While several categories of plants do well in shady areas, it is important to know to deal with identifing, selecting and growing a particular group of these shade living plants.
Shade loving plants like ferns, liverworts, lichens, and mosses reside in some of our most beautiful garden spots. Liverworts and Lichens can also greatly enhance gardens areas particularly around garden ponds, streams, and waterfalls.
Ferns are truly ancient plants, having existed on Earth for millions of years. With approximately 12,000 species of ferns, their array is staggering, from the red and gold Cinnamon Fern, to the shimmery Silver Tree Fern, to the lushly green Oriental Chain Fern. The sheer number of fern species can be overwhelming, requires a reference book or two to help sort it all out. Many varieties of ferns are appreciated, cultivated and cared for by home gardeners in greenhouses, containers, or in their outdoor and indoor gardens.
And for those gardeners, pteridophiles (fern lovers), and growers compelled to delve more deeply into the secret life of ferns, the Fern Grower's Manual is required reading and a treasure trove of knowledge.
And of particular interest may be those books that deal with identifing, selecting, propagating, and caring for these plants that prefer some degree of shade.
Also included are several recommended books for landscaping with all of these popular shade loving plants.

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