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Kindle Books On East Prussia

  • Death in the Baltic: The WW11 Sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff [Kindle Edition]
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  • -Cathryn J. Prince (Author) / File Size: 1064 KB / Print Length: 258 pages / Available April 9, 2013
    The worst maritime disaster ever occurred during World War II, when more than 9,000 German civilians drowned. It went unreported.
    January 1945: The outcome of World War II has been determined. The Third Reich is in free fall as the Russians close in from the east. Berlin plans an eleventh-hour exodus for the German civilians trapped in the Red Army’s way. More than 10,000 women, children, sick, and elderly pack aboard the Wilhelm Gustloff, a former cruise ship. Soon after the ship leaves port and the passengers sigh in relief, three Soviet torpedoes strike it, inflicting catastrophic damage and throwing passengers into the frozen waters of the Baltic.
    More than 9,400 perished in the night—six times the number lost on the Titanic. Yet as the Cold War started no one wanted to acknowledge the sinking. Drawing on interviews with survivors, as well as the letters and diaries of those who perished, award-wining author Cathryn Prince reconstructs this forgotten moment in history. She weaves these personal narratives into a broader story, finally giving this WWII tragedy its rightful remembrance.
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  • Forgotten Land: Journeys Among the Ghosts of East Prussia [Kindle Edition]
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  • -Max Egremont (Author) / File Size: 5 KB / Print Length: 384 pages / Available November 8, 2011
    Forgotten Land is a story of historical identity and character, told through intimate portraits of people and places. It is a unique examination of the layers of history, of the changing perceptions and myths of homeland, of virtue and of wickedness, and of how a place can still overwhelm those who left it years before.
    Until the end of World War II, East Prussia was the German empire’s farthest eastern redoubt, a thriving and beautiful land on the southeastern coast of the Baltic Sea. Now it lives only in history and in myth. Since 1945, the territory has been divided between Poland and Russia, stretching from the border between Russia and Lithuania in the east and south, and through Poland in the west. In Forgotten Land, Max Egremont offers a vivid account of this region and its people through the stories of individuals who were intimately involved in and transformed by its tumultuous history, as well as accounts of his own travels and interviews he conducted along the way.
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  • Lost Years: Memories of my forgotten homeland [Kindle Edition]
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  • -Margarete G. Mueller (Author)/ File Size: 798 KB / Print Length: 132 pages / Published: May 15, 2010
    Margarete traces her long journey from childhood in East Prussia, to the years in Russian prison camps, and her new beginning in Canada. A remarkable story of insight, courage, inspiration, love and forgiveness.
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  • Abandoned and Forgotten: An Orphan Girl's Tale of Survival During World War II [Kindle Edition]
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  • -Evelyne Tannehill (Author)/ File Size: 639 KB / Print Length: 440 pages / Published: May 20, 2009
    Much has been written about World War II, but not often do we hear about the immeasurable suffering of the Germans who wanted no part of Hitler's regime. Abandoned and Forgotten is the memoir of a young girl growing up in the then-German province of East Prussia by the Baltic Sea. Orphaned at the age of nine and left to fend for herself in a hostile world, Evelyne Tannehill witnessed firsthand what happens when law and order break down and self-preservation becomes the only thing that matters. Her journey is a poignant example of how resilient the human spirit can be, even in the face of war's greatest horrors.
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