Books on Making & Using Lime Mortars

This Lübeck Haus Bookstore catalogue page has our recommended books on basic limemaking, the history of using lime as an important building material, and the use of lime in masonry construction of building and other structures. Lime mortar is an important building material in restoring important older building.
Lime, or calcium carbonate, is a remarkable and versatile material with a long tradition of use in a wide variety of industries besides the building trades. These other important uses include farming and agriculture, sugar manufacture, making paper, glass production, chemicals, and making quality steel. The manufacture of lime is simple and economical even on a smale scale. Lime has been used in building construction since the earliest civilzations and was used widely used by the Roman builders. However, in the twentieth century it was replaced by Portland cement for mortars, and by gypsum for plasters, although for many applications a lime-cement composite mortar is still preferred and used.
The craft of lime making is an old skill that has been recently revived. We have chosen the books on this catalogue page as guide books that teach lime producers the traditional methods of lime making.
The methods and procedures for using lime mortar in the restoration of building and the building of new ones is covered in some of these books. These books contain thorough detailed instructions, step-by-step procedures and technical methods. Coverage includes selecting proper materials and using tools and equipment.
In addition, several of these books serve as essential reference books for the lime and limestone industries and for the many industries that they serve.

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Books for Making & Using Lime Mortars

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